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On this day as i continue to do my normal ministry i am supposed to attend a leadership meeting at Chuka University. My hands were full with lots of meetings so i decide not to pick on this one but i still felt I’d like to just be there, tge reason i don’t have so i cancel an appointment and decide to leave my ‘mansion. As i lock the gate i remember where the meeting is, some doubting part of me feels i should call to enquire but my mind simply concludes on the venue, so i boldly walk to where my mind is leading me could be the venue, meanwhile as always my mind is too occupied with so many thoughts i don’t notice until i arrive at the Science complex. I do the necessary procedure with the security man, go in and just to my shock i find no one at the place i had expected them. What! I contemplate on going back to my house, my ego is so bruised, how could i be wrong anyway? I knew my way to the venue!(which was in my mind), finally i nurse the bruise,give a call to the c.u secretary, i get new directions…

If only i had done this before leaving the hse, if only ihad not listened to my mind, but i thought it was right! Meetings are normally in science complex(according to my mind)

Normally was the word. Just like i thought, but i learn clearly, sometimes the normal way is not always right. We have different habits, some things we are accustomed to- they make us too proud to accept change. We always feel that things should have been done just as they are always done, we become our own block improvements.

After picking my lessons i just proceed to the venue communicated, but i am feeling very discouraged, one i have really wasted time- lesson 2- time is perishable,waits for no one. Rigidity is my own peril, actually the rest of the world is in motion and later on I’ll still be the one to catch up.

At last i arrive but late- lesson, never give up…when you notice a mistake the best remedy is to pick up yourself again.


#itdoesnt harm to just ask- beat the personal pride.


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