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The Journal of a 25-Year Old Girl

Happy 25th Birthday to you Mutheu! It’s a solid silver jubilee. Praise the Lord.

This is a glimpse of a story of a girl who really anticipated to get to 25 years, I have never felt a transition would be as meaningful as the one I was having today and I am grateful to the Lord for it. For me turning 25 was welcomed with a lot of excitement, with some of the reasons for the excitement yet to find out(I think the Lord is up to some pleasant surprises for me this year)… but it is here and I am so happy to behold it!

Here is a journal of a few things I have learned in my 25 years of life and I had anticipated to share them on this day:

Lesson one: Growing old is different from Growing up.

I’m getting older,every year,every day, every hour, every minute. This much is indisputable. But I often find myself questioning whether I’m actually growing up as time endlessly marches onward. Growing old is something I cannot control but I have to be very intentional to grow up! It does not necessarily come with age, I have to make a daily commitment each morning to grow up. I have to intentionally ask, read, question and learn. In this case I therefore have to surround myself with the right catalysts of growth. Growing up is the real task- I have to be intentional to gain all the necessary disciplines and cultivate them diligently, it is a journey of failing through them but encouraging myself everyday that I can still get there.

One of my most important catalysts to my growth has been my personal devotions- which has helped me shape up spiritually. I have noticed it takes discipline to lead an authentic Christian, I can’t become an authentic Christian on a diet of constant activity, even when the activities are all church related, I am learning I should therefore keep growing in this devotional discipline. May the Lord help me. To this I keep trying to Journal- this helps me to track my progress as I evaluate my life, rebuke my mistakes and encourage my strengths. Walking under Godly counsel has been a key catalyst that is recorded below as part of the lessons I have gained.

Lesson two: I am here for a purpose! The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~Robin Sharma.

I have grown to learn that there are three categories of people:

(The categories below have been adopted-author unknown)

  • Those who are surviving. The people in this first level are not really living, they are just existing. They put their time, punch the time clock and live just for weekends, they have no major goals/drive in life. Then there are;
  • Those that live to attain success. Most people are in the second level, a little higher level called the success level. Their focus is only on paying off the bills or establishing a comfortable lifestyle. Yet this level does not still satisfy.
  • But the third category of people live for significance. They know why they’re here on earth- they have a purpose for life and they enjoy to live out that significance. This is the level I anticipate to wake up to each new day. To live my life here on earth for a purpose for God and I desire to be like David who had served the Lord in his generation before he rested (Acts 13:36). So help me God

Lesson three: I should spend the prime years of my life to serve the Lord.

What an investment of a lifetime! Most of us young people derail our service to God thinking that it is better to live the worldly way of life first so that we are not tagged “too christian” this early, I have received enough of such tags and I am learning to take pride in that I have a personal relationship with Christ. I desire to serve God now and not tomorrow, because I am not doing God any favour by serving Him, it is an advantage and a privilege to my growing up. Ecclesiastes 12:1 tells us: “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come,And the years draw near when you say, “I have no pleasure in them. May I be found faithful!

Lesson Four: I have had to redefine success against the parameters of the world.

It is normal to look at a 25-year old who has gone through campus, engaged in some ministry opportunities, working and doing her masters degree and call her very successful. But nay, I have learned to redefine what success looks like. God’s definition of success is contrary to the world’s definition, I choose to define it as He does, the world’s model of success is unstable and built upon a foundation that is shakable. It may have the outward appearance of the good life, but it is temporal, and we have all seen for ourselves how the world’s transient wealth can dissipate like smoke and easily slip away like the shifting sands in the desert. Wordly definitions of success are deceptive and tragic because they focus on what is fleeting and passing and ignore what is lasting and eternal, they are notoriously short-sighted and, if followed, end in misery (Matthew 16:26Luke 12:2016:25). On the contrary, the Bible defines success in terms of what is spiritual and lasting and ends in eternal life and joy (Matthew 6:19–20John 3:1615:11). Whereas worldly success is centered on the promotion and gratification of ourselves, biblical success is centered on obedience to and glorification of God. I am not ignorant of the fact that on earth Christians need to set a pace of excellence in education, material wealth and stability, in fact God is calling us into excellence and dominion here on earth and I am committed to it to the core but it should never come primary to seeking God Himself. My relationship with Him therefore becomes my parameters of what success really looks like.

Lesson five: I am learning to be very selective.

1 Cor 10:23 : “All things are lawful,” but not all things are profitable; “All things are lawful,” but not all edify. (Berean Version).

This world is full of different things, everyday fashion changes, new trends come in and older trends are disregarded, I am learning not to be in haste to embrace everything but prayerfully select what I get without running with the common tag that “everyone is doing it.”

I am a product of my choices;- Every small choice I make daily is a contribution into what I am becoming, so should I be careful on each one of them? Absolutely! Choices are a creative force of my entire life.

Lesson Six: I am learning to celebrate progress but not perfection.

Learning To Celebrate Progress Not Perfection - To All You Princesses (

I at one point in my life kept beating myself up for any failure, I grew up as an ‘A student,’ and a firstborn too, I expected too much from myself and people expected even more from me so I worked hard to attain perfection. But I have learned that life is quite an adventure with trials and failures and it is not funny! I have failed myself on a number of issues, I have failed God, I have failed my friends and my family, I have failed a couple of interviews, I have failed a couple of exams… I am trying to say that I am so far from being perfect, and I struggle with feeling useless at times, but God is good. He has faithfully been teaching me to celebrate the progress I’ve made so far and stop trying to attain perfection, so I keep failing a couple of times but because of that I keep improving after each failure! Praise the Lord! And I have truly seen the Holy spirit working in me.

Lesson seven: I should celebrate and respect my family.

God in His own beautiful design gave me the family I have and I am so grateful for each one of them. It is easy to feel that I am growing old and I do not need my parent’s correction, guidance and instructions but I can gladly say that at this age; I notice I need my parent’s guidance even more than when I was very young, I constantly need their feedback on things I need to improve on and I need their support on important decisions I am making in life. I can only disregard their Godly direction at my own peril and I take this opportunity to say, THANK YOU MUM and DAD, you will forever be my consultants and I will always remain your girl, I am honestly a product of your diligent upbringing, correction and I notice how I need it to keep propelling higher, I am blessed to have you! I love you to bits.

I have a key responsibility in the lives of my siblings- Stewardship! We are all placed among siblings not by coincidence, but by design, we should be faithful parts of their growth. So help me God!

Lesson eight: I need to walk under the authority of Godly counsel.

I have very special persons in my life who have become my family. Godly counsel is an anchor to grow and I have therefore intentionally surrounded myself with older women and men who advice, correct and show me how to navigate through life. May the Lord bless their beautiful souls! I love you very much. THANK YOU!

Lesson nine: Maintaining Godly friendships is paramount.

It matters who I walk with as a friend, not how many they are. I am not aiming to have as many friends as I can, but up to building right friendships. And I bless God for the friends who have kept me accountable this far, just as Iron sharpens Iron, I have been sharpened greatly by this precious people and I have been supported. The support of my friends has often been received with tears of Joy, Oh truly God bless you for loving and serving me genuinely. May the Lord help me become a better friend to each one of you in the new year.

Lesson ten: I have learned how to gain my stability in the storms of life:

At this age, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the details of every circumstance immediately in front of you, every opportunity lost, every failure, every sin. Therefore the older I get, the more my union with Christ becomes a discernibly meaningful and stabilizing reality.

My life is therefore a product of the investment God and people have put into it(And I celebrate all of you with Joy) and I cannot call it my own, I surrender it to the Lord to use me as He so desires.


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