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Today is one of the days I really thank God for coming to STEM, up to now am still convinced that it’s the best decision I have ever made in life and I thank God for the many opportunities of growth He has placed on my path. Team meetings are great and reports forms part of the exciting times to review how your work is and consider what to improve, may Gods work grow! But those moments of having a quality time of deep conversations with one another leave me really enlightened. Today having a different meeting with my team leader and we started talking about some certain experiences of marriage and alas! I easily get to know that marriage is not a bed of roses, although sometimes couples tend to plant a picture of perfection and make us just want to get married as late as just now. There’s something to learn, I bless God for allowing me to brush shoulders with genuine older folks who can honestly tell you what is happening. The principle we arrived at today is that we really need to LOOK BEFORE WE LEAP.
I am not just talking about looking, we are in a generation where people are too physical- yes we want a well-made man, who’s well educated, maybe having a master’s degree, with well ironed suits and sharpshooters, in short a man with money. Perhaps you’d say you don’t look at the cars or the house he leaves in but we still agree you look at how well he dresses, well, I am talking about that. There’s something more and more important to look at: the value system of someone, spare me the jackets and the shoes(after all we don’t want to be that temporary in life, theses jackets still grow old) am talking about the values someone has. What are their believes on family? Do they consider family an important aspect before their work? What are their values on health, on leadership, on friends, on church matters? How do they regard you yourself? Do they make you feel a better person or keep making you feel you are not good enough? My friend read in between the lines, and stop listening to your deceitful heart. It has lied to many don’t be the next person on the line. I believe there is something much more important than the fantasies we create in our minds.
If the value system is wrong, the whole system is also wrong however well-dressed it is.
And just before you point a Fingure on his value system, what are yours? Because if your value system is money please don’t wait for a different person, you will get some other good company too whose value system is similar. So start developing the right values, grow them if you want someone who will also value your marriage. Marriages are made in heaven but managed in earth.
Dear Lord renew our hearts daily, may our value systems be what your hearts beats for not what the world tells us to value.
More of you Jesus, more of you.

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