Today on the last day of feb or some of us would call it the month of love(should it have a month anyway), so I woke up feeling energized after having my “Sabbath” yesterday so I was set off to work… but just after I am done with my morning devotions I switch on my best distractor(the phone), which “both of us” have always agreed that it has to be off/silent as I wake up most times but has to update me on what’s going on later on, so switching on bundles almost crushes it down, with so many notifications from so many apps, anyway I land on one which completely draws my attention… my bible promises app that always helps me sometimes run through random verses and reflect on them, today I am more interested in this one- 1 Cor 13:4-8…’love is patient, love is does not envy, It doesn’t boast, it is not proud.

It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails…’ wait a minute today I just had to have this verse, it came to the right person under the right situations I don’t believe it’s by a mistake so as I embark on my daily duties those words keep coming to my mind. Love is patient, yes patient, used to describe patience with people, in our dealings with men, however refractory, unkind or hurting we must learn to exercise the kind of patience that God exercises with us; such patience doesn’t mean that we are weak but it means we are strong; it is not a sign of defeat but victory. Love is kind- so much Christianity is good but unkind. Love knows no envy- it does not so much want things for itself as it wishes that others had not got them. Love does not boast- true love will always be far more impressed with its own unworthiness than its own merit, it is kept humble by the consciousness that it can never offer its loved one a gift that is good enough.

Love is not proud- it’s not inflated by its own importance. Love is not rude- well, most of us are rude in the kind of Christianity we have that takes delight in being blunt- but there is graciousness in love which never forgets courtesy and politeness are lovely things. Love is not self-seeking- it does not insist on its own right, we would create much better environs if we become more aware of our responsibilities rather than our privileges or what life owes us. Love is not easily angered- when we lose our tempers, we lose everything… the man who is able to master his temper can manage many things in his life. Love keeps no record of wrongs- it is not a store of memories of wrong doings, but that’s precisely what we do mostly. We brood over wrongs done to us until it’s impossible to forget them, well we are failing. Love does not delight in evil- this could easily be called malicious pleasure but it rejoices with truth, it has nothing to hide or conceal but is glad when honesty prevails (those secrets? mmmmh) But what is love- it is completely trusting it never ceases to hope, it perseveres. Love never fails- one thing remains when I think of this love I realize that I can see them in Jesus Himself, ooh Jesus who has completely loved me even when I don’t know how to love myself, but He teaches me how to love day by day.

Love is vitally important to us Christians, it should govern our relationships with one another, well I know we may feel that this is such a standard and such a high one but that’s why Christ is here, to teach me how to love correctly. I quickly assess my very own relationships? Have I loved rightly, nope… has the world given me better ideas, not at all, can I trust the slogans of this generation, nope. Even as I approach marriage I am kept reminded that love is not what the world tells me about, it’s not in the ice creams and candy that are often quantified to it, it’s not in the coffee dates at Java (or should we now be going to Two River Mall?), it’s not even in the words, neither is it on the physical attractiveness, there’s something much much deeper which we could easily miss with our eyes completely blurred by the fake love described to us. Need to be more careful? Certainly! I need to crowd myself with the scripture if I am to know how to love; I have to find lessons on this more by asking the right person the questions- God! He is the author of love; the right word is that HE IS LOVE! So what else do I want, rather than just have more of this God, so I will have more and more of this Love.
Dear Lord, teach me to find you more and more… The more I know you Lord, the more I understand love, the more I will love right.
So if I tell you that I love you… i am a work in progress of much more than you can fathom, so help me God.


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