Reflection from Nairobi showers:

6th March, 2018.

This day began “well”. (Well in the context of it was sunny in the morning especially after the previous night heavy showers)- you know man can sometimes get really complicated, just in Feb, we were complaining about the sun and we prayed hard that God just brings a little rain, now March, showers are here and we start complaining again about the traffic in town, the inconviniences on our activities, and so-on. Oh may God forgive us, but am really grateful for the showers😄, may the name of the Lord be praised! So on that specific day, showers poured, one of my friends would on that day say it was not just cats and dogs, even cows too(pun-intended), i was headed to church for prayers, on my way,rain caught up with me, i remembered a song we used to sing in my local dialect when i was in sunday school,”Yila Yesu Wai munini, ndaseleawa ona kwi mbua, onaitu syana nitwithiawe,twi athangau ta Mwiai Yesu.”(When Jesus was young, he was never late even when it was raining, so even us kids, we should be as active even in rain as Jesus). Well that song did not necessarily have a scriptural context but whenever there was rain and we were supposed to be in Church, we always ran singing it, it was a booster,so on this day, i sang it again and i got energised and there was no turning back, i had to get to church. Finally i did.

So after prayers, on my way home again in the rain, i find some young men who have placed some piece of wood on a very flooded area next to my place and they were charging 20/- to help you across the flood. Well, first being an accountant, i quickly calculated the value of 20/- against the risk of falling in the water and i decide to ofcourse ignore that there is such a risk. Second, the village girl in me could not allow me accept that i actually need help to get across a flooded area, actually where i come from, when rain falls, we apply the principle of “mgeni njoo mwenyeji apone” and we used to get so excited about rain when we were kids we actually ran out of the house to “meet” it, so i am here now and someone wants to help me cross over?No way, actually i was supposed to feel a champion as i dived into the floods, so i did exactly that and left slay queens(whatever that is), on the other end shouting, oh my! We thank God for growing up in the village hehe.

About that incident, this young men caught my attention, they just seized an opportunity in the rain and got some cash, actually i left people getting into their pockets to give the 20bob. What an opportunity! On that street alone and at that specific time, there would not lack more than 200people to cross that flooded zone. This young men siezed the opportunity!

I felt a question pop up in my mind, how often do i sieze opportunities that agressively to share the gospel of Christ? Just how often do i meet people who i should talk to? How often do i get into a matatu and travel for more than 2hours, sitted next to a non-believer but i waste that opportunity? How often do i get into the lift(even if it is 2minutes) and see someone who looks downcast and i fail to tell them about the Love of Christ? How often do i fail to post that message of hope on my facebook wall daily, with a view of over 4000 people? How often do i visit home, but i am not able to share the gospel to my very own? How often do i get into class and fail to introduce a discussion with my classmates about Christ? How often do I get into a new residence, but i cannot talk to my neighbours about Jesus? Just how often do i fail to sieze opportunities to enlarge the Kingdom? Yet that is the role of every christian.

Just recently in Kenya, we were in a political period and it was funny how we would debate, believers and non believers together campaigning for their favourite candidates, actually matatus were abnormally noisy, discussions would come up and everyone would be willing to engage. I have personally concluded that it is therefore not lack of engagement skills, we are actually well accesorised with them but we are not seizing the opportunities.

Do we really care that people are lost?. If we truly believe that people need a personal relationship with Jesus, but we still keep that message to ourselves, do we really care?

In 2 Tim 4:2- “Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching”. (NLT)- i find this verse prompting me to always be on a motion, anywhere, anytime, for Jesus. In every place, i should find a wise way of introducing Christ there.

I have concluded that in my journey of sharing Christ we should:

1. Let my life preach better

When i go a residential area, or even a restaurant,i should let Christ’s love and life shine through my words and actions. If it’s somewhere i go often, the people start to recognize, and after a while you may be able to share my faith with them, crediting Jesus to my attitude, actions, words, etc.

2.  Telling people my story.

Once you feel comfortably close to an unbelieving friend, you may consider telling them your faith story. Your story, no matter what it is, is definitely worth telling. You don’t need a dramatic story or have grown up in the church to have a valuable story. How has God changed you in comparison to what the world has expected of you? What would your life be like without Him? Share those thoughts!

If you’re afraid to tell your story, ask God to make you comfortable and give you confidence to share your faith. The story of His faithfulness in your life will bring Him glory one way or another.

3. Ask if you can pray for people/showing mercy.

If you come across a situation where it seems like someone needs prayer, offer to pray for them. If you see a grieving parent, a victim of a tragedy, a homeless person, etc., ask if you can pray for them. Most people will be touched by your concern. Even if they don’t believe in God, you can say that you do so it is OK for you to pray for them anyway.

If you feel it is appropriate, ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray with them right then and there. If not, or if the situation doesn’t seem right (like it would do more harm than good in that moment), then make sure you DO follow through and pray for them on your own. You could even ask for their first name if you don’t know it, then be sure to thank them for the opportunity to pray for them.

You may not know the lasting impression you will leave with them.

4. Be intentional about sharing your faith.

Because we have been told to share the gospel, we cannot be passive about it. Pray for opportunities, be on the lookout for them, and be prepared to talk about your faith when they come. And they will!

I remember once when I asked God for a chance to share the gospel with someone, and i had an opportunity to be carried on a motorbike in Embu, and i asked him if he goes to church and we started a very exciting conversation on a motorbike that was in motion, before i alighted, i had shared the gospel and as i left i prayed for him. On another instance, i was on a CU engagement in Nyeri with my Friend Agnes and we got late, we had to call a taxi, immediately we got in, Agnes introduced us and she started engaging the driver in a conversation about Jesus, wow! It was such an amazing experience. Such an opportunity seized.

You never know what God will do through His Spirit working in you and through conversations, interactions, or any given situation in your life. If you get a negative response from someone , don’t let it worry or bother you. God’s ways are bigger than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9 ). Our efforts are to plant the seeds, but God is the one who will grow new faith in an unbelieving heart (John 6:44 ).

You know what i see now, opportunities everywhere to share the Love of Christ, opportunities i have not yet seized.

So help me God!


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