So for the past one week I have been highly reflecting on my time, in a context where everything seems to be screaming for my attention yet nothing seems to be excellently done. Today I wake up, scan through my phone and I see: messages that have not been replied for a number of days… maybe I can take comfort in the feeling that am not very good in chatting, but wait, I have calls not picked and not called back, ok this is now a common trend where often find myself deciding that I can respond to a call after two days… excuse being, ‘I am busy’ well after all even my friends know that, they have seldom complained(in short they have gotten used to it), this means there was a time I was less busy?? Recently when I was taking coffee with a friend, my mum called, I almost didn’t pick since I always considered my me-time with someone I have not seen for a while important but this time round I decided to pick, perhaps if she has a long conversation, I’d excuse myself to call back later. Well when I picked my mum on the other side sounded surprised and she said that it was the first time in a couple of months that she had called and I picked immediately(to mean I always call later on), that I may not prove but am sure I can’t deny. Oftenly, my best friend has got me ‘busy’ when I should give her enough time to listen to something and I have always learned to apologize later in my common terms, “ am sorry my dear I was just busy.”
So exactly since then I have deeply reflected on this “I am busy” slogan. Frankly in a society where this has become an all day quote at some point we even brag about being busy. In a fast moving world we seem to wake up early, meet deadlines at work and sleep late (if at all you do that) and we seem not to be uncomfortable with “being busy” after all, my family will understand, my friends will just have to understand and sadly we even want God to understand that we are ‘busy!’ that’s why we cannot read and pray as consistently! My big question is do all this parties understand? If they do, is it a good thing? What are the benefits? Is it of eternal benefit?
Are we even busy for ourselves too? Look, this is a common statement, ‘I have not found enough time to sleep for a while, I have a pile of clothes in the house, I have not cooked in my house for the last one week… and other I have not, I have not’s well, we seem not to have time for ourselves too, so the big question is who do we have time for? The 24hrs in my day, who is it benefiting then?
Being busy has become a new way of ‘bragging’, or otherwise it has become a complaining statement, we have become like Martha in Luke 10:38-42, she was too distracted to do what was important! And Jesus encouraged her not, according to Jesus there seemed to be something of more importance that she was not doing.
A day holds a lot of time: 24hours. 1440 minutes. 86400 seconds. Yet for most of us, our daily cry is “if only I had more time!” we all feel so busy, in the midst of our extreme busyness, we forget that it can be sin too. Sadly, most of us will try to solve our time problem by cutting back or entirely eliminating our important family relationships, friends and spiritual pursuits.
Paul prays in Philippians 1:10 that the Philippians could approve the things that are excellent. When we seek scriptural priorities, we discover those relationships, activities and pursuits should precede others in terms of rank and order. In a pursuit to make the best of my life, no matter what happens, I choose to explore, balance the demands of life and prioritize the pursuit for what is most important- my spiritual pursuits and my relations. Dear friends, from now on I choose to outgrow being ‘busy’, I will be available to encourage your strengths, to listen to what is happening in your world, to celebrate your successes, to strengthen your low moments… I AM AVAILABLE!
So help me God.

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