Recently, I have been reflecting highly on promises. It is a certain period of my life that a lot is being passed into serious test, like being passed through fire to come out a different person all together, that aside, the Lord has been reminding me of very many things I have PROMISED! Promises, they say, easy to make but hard to keep. In our generation we have begun to flirt and giggle about it, we have promised people, “I will love you till eternity, I will come home soon mom, I will return the book by Friday, I will look after your needs in future brother, I will do this, I will do that” and we surprisingly we move on with life like we didn’t say anything, we don’t even remember what we said anymore! Mmmmmh, Pierce Brown said that Liars make the best promises. I have read quite a handful of quotes (they may not necessarily be Christian) and all of them are very reflective; one Dan Gertler wrote that, everyone comes with dreams and illusions and promises, everyone wants quick deals, they don’t want to invest. Another Dick Gregory says, ‘political promises are much like marriage vows, they are made at the beginning of the relationship between candidate and voter, but are quickly forgotten.’ That’s common, right? Especially now in my beautiful blessed land of Kenya right now, my those Politicians are promising us “heaven”, well, a well advanced in age citizen barely listens to them, we all know there deeds, their promises are broken on the very day they set foot into leadership. But just before I victimize our leaders, it would be most candid I evaluate myself again, how many promises have I made? Have I kept them? Do I feel guilty that I have not kept them? Well, God had a lot to say about promises, in Psalm 15 tells us about a man that the Lord will dwell in his sanctuary, in verse 4b; who keeps his oath even when it hurts… tough but that’s the word of God. Integrity is allowing yourself to suffer when you could avoid the suffering by refusing to keep the promise. Many of us will find it difficult to obey the requirements in this verse but just as John Ng’ang’a puts it, “the person of integrity is the only one going to heaven.” Our promises bind us, after we say them we are bound to keep them no matter what happens. Integrity is walking your talk, some of us are so fond of breaking our promises and taking excuse in that that’s our personality, we are just used to it, well it’s not a matter of whether it’s your personality it is a question of whether you are serious about your journey to heaven. Yes are you serious about going to heaven? Then make your word your bond, God holds you accountable on every word that you have spoken.
As I have continued to reflect on this I have remembered some of the promises I have made and I didn’t keep them, they could be as small as telling a friend that I will call you in the afternoon, maybe just saying it for the sake of it and felt nothing if I didn’t make the call, even so, that is sin and I have gone before the Lord with a broken heart to repent of my sin. The next most appropriate thing is to apologize to my friend for not being able to keep my promise. I have also learnt to keep promises I make even to my juniors, my little brother Caleb is one of the most precious things that have ever happened in our family and he is very demanding sometimes, he always craves for good things: bikes, sodas, cakes, chocolates and all things that please his eyes, we have sometimes promised to buy him so many things just so that he would stop nagging us, but once again, sin! God holds every word I make to him so I have learnt every time he now calls me to ask for something, I tell him I will buy if I can get the money, and if I don’t I explain to him that I couldn’t afford it. The journey to integrity makes me to sometimes work on saving my coins to get what he has requested… “Even when it hurts”
From experience I have promised someone that their troubles will be mine, and God has made sure every time they are troubled my heart finds no peace too and I always fall onto my knees and pray for them even when I exactly don’t know what is happening and am glad the Lord has put me in utmost consciousness of their troubles so that I’d take it to the Lord in prayer. I hold very close friends and am learning to say and do, it has involved me to even keep a book I write them down so that I don’t forget them by any chance and expect them to understand. So dear ones before you promise someone next time that you will die for them (common huh?) please think seriously about your words. Make things right and go to people you have promised and failed and apologize to them, ask God to help you to master your words. May the Lord help us, make our words our bond.

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